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    AFFIRMATING.COM is an online source for Affirmations and Executive Development Products. Designed to educate the importance and power of affirmations and the affect it can have on our life and dreams. Affirmations have helped many people live a more exceptional, successful and happy life. The pursuit of happiness starts with the inner you, and when you incorporate positive affirmations into your daily life you'll soon start to reap the benefits. offers you a comprehensive list of positive affirmations in many categories. Use these affirmations everyday and you can start to see a positive and miraculous change in your self-esteem, health and overall quality of life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. To get the most out of these affirmations, make sure you read 'how to use affirmations'.

    How to Use Affirmations

    Believe it or not there is a right way to use affirmations and a wrong way. To effectively get the most out of your affirmations just follow these simple guidelines ... How to Use Affirmations

    Take the 7-Day Affirmation Challenge

    Don't Know Where to Begin? Start Here and Take the 7-Day Affirmation Challenge! We provide the affirmations; you do the affirmation exercise for 7 Days. Make sure you read first "How to Use Affirmations". You have nothing to lose and everything to gain ... 7-Day Affirmation Exercise

    List of Affirmations by Category

    Here we provide a list of affirmations in many categories for you to use. This is a great place to find affirmation ideas or modify them to fit your situation ... Affirmations

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    By developing positive affirmations it assists one with achieving control by facilitating him to breakout away from mentally challenging situations, e.g. exaggerated suffering, fretfulness and phobias.

    Affirmatives assist one with overcoming obstacles that get in the way of our journey to find the soul and self. We develop respect for self by maintaining positive affirmatives.

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